Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Bye 2009!!!

Another year comes to an end. When the days were full of fun and frolic, time would have run so fast that seldom we get to notice it. But when they were with tears, how hard we try to push it forward, it goes with a dead slow pace. So it all depends on our view to make time vanish faster or slower. Nevertheless it does fade away. At this juncture, I would like to remind myself by blogging some of the interesting and memorable things happened in 2009. If I try to recall and tell which would be the best days in this year, it would be

* Those lazy weekends during which I was sleeping till my tummy growled for food and then waking up to drink nearly 250ml of Bournvita with Sunday Magazine in hand.
* The long 2-wheeler drives done alone in the Necklace Road.
* The happiness I felt, when I got my first Promotion at my workplace.
* The moment when the treadmill showed that I lost 300 calories in a single day :)
* The month when I completed reading 6 books.. That was really an accomplishment as far as my reading speed is compared to that of my mom's and sister's.
* Watching songs in tv till 3 am on a saturday. Only songs, nothing else.
* Mindblowing shopping did for attending 3 of my friend's marriage. I would have shopped more than the brides[hehehe]
* Cheering with full energy at the Hyderabad Stadium on the day of India Vs Australia 5th ODI.
* Bunking Office and went to watch 3 Idiots movie[feel good movie it was]

Apart from these best moments I also had some good moments of meeting my school mates after nearly 6 years, getting new friends online, watching a tamil movie alone in Prasads theatre and blogging.

I direly wanted to(just wanted to and not exactly had) have a total hang over once in life which was not so good moment as far as my values are concerned. It was heights of stupidity on the day when I missed my mobile in a auto along with my bag. I regret so much till today for that. And my dad's visit to my home made me realise how cold my relationship with him has gone. There were also days when I cried endlessly in 2009 and got loads of advices which I detest to recall. I can never go back to those days and rewrite them but its so true that happiness is not full unless a sad day is faced. Looking back at those days now make me feel little more experienced in life and urge me to think on future seriously. But hold on, can I do that? Finding out tomorrow's secret in advance is not the rule of my Life's game. It would be best neither to over-plan nor over-react on how 2010 will be. So, I am ready to welcome with open hands whatever awaits me after thanking all that 2009 has given. I wish all my blog-readers too strength and energy to accept all that comes in life. And Finally, wishing a very happy and exciting fun-filled NEW YEAR.


  1. Nice and yeah..Happy new year ! May all ur wishes come true !

  2. Awwww, that's such a sweet post! And sensible too.
    Well too much sensible compared to what I wrote! :P

    HNY 2010 Banu!
    Good luck!

  3. I came here by way of blog's 'hyderabad' listing, after it gone through some of your worthy posts. nice.