Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Bye 2009!!!

Another year comes to an end. When the days were full of fun and frolic, time would have run so fast that seldom we get to notice it. But when they were with tears, how hard we try to push it forward, it goes with a dead slow pace. So it all depends on our view to make time vanish faster or slower. Nevertheless it does fade away. At this juncture, I would like to remind myself by blogging some of the interesting and memorable things happened in 2009. If I try to recall and tell which would be the best days in this year, it would be

* Those lazy weekends during which I was sleeping till my tummy growled for food and then waking up to drink nearly 250ml of Bournvita with Sunday Magazine in hand.
* The long 2-wheeler drives done alone in the Necklace Road.
* The happiness I felt, when I got my first Promotion at my workplace.
* The moment when the treadmill showed that I lost 300 calories in a single day :)
* The month when I completed reading 6 books.. That was really an accomplishment as far as my reading speed is compared to that of my mom's and sister's.
* Watching songs in tv till 3 am on a saturday. Only songs, nothing else.
* Mindblowing shopping did for attending 3 of my friend's marriage. I would have shopped more than the brides[hehehe]
* Cheering with full energy at the Hyderabad Stadium on the day of India Vs Australia 5th ODI.
* Bunking Office and went to watch 3 Idiots movie[feel good movie it was]

Apart from these best moments I also had some good moments of meeting my school mates after nearly 6 years, getting new friends online, watching a tamil movie alone in Prasads theatre and blogging.

I direly wanted to(just wanted to and not exactly had) have a total hang over once in life which was not so good moment as far as my values are concerned. It was heights of stupidity on the day when I missed my mobile in a auto along with my bag. I regret so much till today for that. And my dad's visit to my home made me realise how cold my relationship with him has gone. There were also days when I cried endlessly in 2009 and got loads of advices which I detest to recall. I can never go back to those days and rewrite them but its so true that happiness is not full unless a sad day is faced. Looking back at those days now make me feel little more experienced in life and urge me to think on future seriously. But hold on, can I do that? Finding out tomorrow's secret in advance is not the rule of my Life's game. It would be best neither to over-plan nor over-react on how 2010 will be. So, I am ready to welcome with open hands whatever awaits me after thanking all that 2009 has given. I wish all my blog-readers too strength and energy to accept all that comes in life. And Finally, wishing a very happy and exciting fun-filled NEW YEAR.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stress Management

This is not a posting explaining/advicing how to overcome stress in life. But its my experience in a training session I attended on Stress Management. First of all, I am very clear that I am not that totally stressed out to attend this session. I had to complete some mandatory hours of training in my office and this was the one left with vacant seats and suited my timing. I was very sure that I shall doze off in the first half hour of the session, but no there was something else for me in that. The trainer was a lady who captivated the audience with her brilliant speech and tactics. She started the session asking us some simple but thought provoking questions like --

What is the first thing u do once u get up?

Do all of us spend some time atleast half an hour daily only/specially for ourselves?

How many of us do exactly end up in our current profession out of our own interest?

What makes us smile and happy at the end of day?

Have everyone of us identified the priorities in our life?

Are we ready to face the toughest of toughest situations?

How much are we satisfied with what we have got so far on a scale of 1 - 5?

The one best thing was that everyone attended the session was not asked to answer to all these questions. We just need to answer to ourselves which was most important. The trainer pointed out to us the difference between the stress and worry. Life cannot be without worries but it can be made stress-free for sure. Worries should never be built upon. Identifying the stress and accepting the fact that the situation is a PROBLEM needs guts. When the problem is spotted, then there is the choice of solutions. Picking the right choice is another crucial decision. When we are clear of these facts, every day will be crystal clear - either black or white without multiple shades of grey.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Enchanted ----- wow I thoroughly enjoyed it..

Anyone gets happy reading fairy tales and hearing to all that phrases "once upon a time", "lived happily ever after", "forever and ever", "cruel witch", "beautiful princess", "brave prince" etc etc..And I am among that anyone. When me and my sister started reading books, the first book we hunted for is all fairy tales. At that time, I used to think that fairy tale is just one story written by some author. My sister used to say that it is a very good book and I believe her blindly regarding these books. Because till today I strongly have the notion that if my sis suggests a book, it can never go wrong. It so happened last thursday also when she said that Enchanted is a good movie.

Ya true it is... What a imagination these Walt Disney guys have in them to bring a fairy tale clubbed into the modern life of NewYork. I dont know to narrate a fairy tale, hence the introduction of all characters come like this. There is a beautiful princess(Giselle)in the land of Adalasia. She dreams of her Prince(Edward), whom she meets one day in a forest. Both decide to get married immediately. The Prince's step mother is evil, cruel, selfish and witty queen(Narissa). In order to save her throne, she send the princess to the real world where there is no true Love, so that she can never come back. Hence Giselle lands up in Times Square, New York through a manhole. Knowing this, Edward and Pip(talking squirrel) comes to real world from the fairy land in search of Giselle. Here Giselle meets the cynical divorce lawyer(Robert) who stays with her daughter(Morgan). Nancy is Robert's soon-to-be fiancee, who loves fantasy.

Giselle looked exactly like a Walt Disney's cartoon with charming face, cute eyes and wearing lovely dress everytime. What happens in the rest of the movie is a open-book for any adult who has read so many fairy tales. The climax in which the queen poisons Giselle with a red apple and then the statement "Only a true love kiss can save her" all that are so fantastic(read as fantasy oriented). In those 2 hours, I felt I stepped into a disney world and enjoyed it for some time and came back. There was a scene in which Giselle leaves her shoe back and get a sword to kill the queen in order to save Robert. And that same shoe fits Nancy's legs and Edward take Nancy to Adalasia. Can I imagine such a thing? Absolutely not. Hats off to those creative minds.

I donot know about all, but many of whom I know wish that there is a fantasy land somewhere in which all wishes come true and we live peacefully day after day. Of course such a world should exist and is existing in each of our minds. That thought keep us moving and give us energy to face this tough life with a smiling face daily. Movies like Enchanted brings a day of thorough happiness. Its true that Walt Disney corporation's Value & Principle is to MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Memories to Cherish.......Part 1

Learning to dance is one of my long cherished dream. I learnt Bharathanatyam - the classical dance of my state when I was a kid for 3 and half years. I remember the evening classes which I used to attend on mon, wed and fridays. I had 4 uncles who used to take turns in dropping me in the class and picking me up. Somedays I will be lucky to grab a cone-icecream on my way home, when MY DAD comes to pick me up. I used to wear pink color salwar and maroon colour dupatta. My guru was a old man who used to call me as "araikapadi" (the smallest measuring cup), as I was the only one short in my gang of 5 dancers. It brings a broad smile at my face, imagining myself so short in that dance salwar. Gone are the days when me and my dance friends used to hunt for that vaadam(the Indian Almond) fruits in the garden near my dance class. Those moments were really wonderful and will stay in my memory for life long.

But I was so unfortunate that I had to forego dancing after my first stage programme. I didnot feel much till I was 21 that I missed something very important in life. But then I thought why shouldn't I start learning dance again? Inspite of so much fun and mockery made at me, I did not quit searching for some dance institute in this Telugu Country. At first I was ready to learn even Kuchipudi and found a guru. To my dismay, she was constantly busy and couldnot help me out.

Last weekend again due to my boredom, I sought the help of Google Uncle. I was lucky to find a Art Institute where they teach Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Yoga, Western Dance, Vocals etc etc. And there I became again fortunate to start learning this wonderful art. Yes I started my weekend Bharatanatyam classes again :)

I sincerely wish that I should be hale and healthy not to miss a single class from now on. I also wish that my Guru takes me heights. And most importantly, I also wish that I should be financially stable to continue to dance, especialy in this recession time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mobile Dependency

Joel Engel and Richard Frenkiel --- if I get chance to meet these 2 guys, I shall definitely fall on their feet and thank them profusely for making my life depend so much on this communication channel. Now, Can I imagine a day without my mobile? A big NO without any second thoughts. My day starts chking out the time in my mobile if I get up before my alarm rings. And of course finding out if any missed calls or messages which I had got in my sleep. I hate being disturbed during sleep through messages and calls. In spite of that why dont I switch off my cell phone at night. Because somewhere deep in my heart i dont want to feel isolated from the world. Yes I dont want to be lonely and cell phone has become my companion these days so much that I feel its part of my family.

Thanks to these high end mobiles I listen to my favourite songs for nearly 4 hours in a day without which my day never ends peacefully. And then the never ending calls with my mom and my friends. I love talking and keep on talking. There was never a day in these last two years that I have missed talking in the mobile. Be it my mom, my family, my friends, my colleagues, some wrong calls, my helpers like plumber, electrician, internet providers, airtel, icici customer care and those promotional calls etc etc... I feel I miss one finger when I miss my mobile or when my mobile is out of charge. Many a times it so happened that way. Those days were really night mare to me. But what to do, I am not Ms.Perfect always though I wish to be one. I think many of us feel like so closely attached to cell phone. Cheers to all of those and happy weekend.!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cloud Nine Minus One by Sangeeta Mall------ Book review

I had to travel nearly 24 hours from Hyderabad to reach my hometown. I usually read a book during the journey and I succeed to complete this book in the weekend trip. The postmortem of the book follows here in my blog.

On Cloud Nine --- a state of blissful happiness, thats the meaning. After a small search with Google Uncle, I got to know the origin of this term. As always, there are controversies for the origin of this phrase too. One reasonable explanation is that the US Weather Bureau divided clouds into classes and each class has nine types. The ninth in the list refers to cumulo-nimbous cloud which is likely to cause good amount of rainfall. So when a person is "On Cloud Nine", he is all set for extreme happiness just like the cumulo-nimbuos clouds pouring out rain. But Sangeeta Mall choose not to be extremely happy. She wants to come one step down from Cloud Nine and experience the Minus One Stage herself and also the readers of course.

Shruti Malhotra turned Shruti Narayan live in Philadelphia with her husband, Kailash who is a theatre play-writer and their two kids - Isha and Rohan. She is happily settled as an NRI, looking after a Writer's Colony and not allowing her past clinche her present life. She has a dear friend Xenia at her workplace with whom she does not hesitate to share even the darkest secret of her life. Kailash handles and calms down the super excited Shruti every time with his mere looks. They do share a perfect Chemistry which helps in holding their marriage life just like a fresh bloom even after 15 years. The family is all set to enjoy their summer vacation in Spain this year. But time has planned something else for them in India. Kailash receives a invite to Delhi to attend a conference on theatre plays. So they change their holiday plan and land in India in the hottest month of the year. At the same time, Shruti also receives an Email inviting her for the 20th anniversary college reunion in IIM Bangalore, which she has deleted without a second thought. Its because she is not ready to face her dear friend Priya and her ex-boyfriend again both of whom she has ditched 20 years back. Her guilt, her strongly veiled heart says strictly no and could not accept or expect such a reunion.

The face is really the index of the mind and its so obvious that Kailash gets to know about the reunion and commands Shruti to reply to the email. With so much butterflies in her stomach and with so many doubts, questions and flashbacks, Shruti reaches the IIMB campus. Its really difficult to return to past life and look back the old memories if they are not good. What happens in a reunion? The families of the good-old friends meet together, have a diplomatic intro and a few lectures and nice lunch, boring dinner and little enthusiastic games for the kids. Apart from these out-shown activities, within each there runs a whole flashback which they wish
never to come across.

The gold medalist in Accountancy from the Delhi University cracked the CAT and made up to be one among the 5 girls in IIMB 86-88 batch. She slowly made good friends in the India's Prestigious B-School and her identity turned from Shruti to Shruts and finally to Ruts. Even before 20 years, the college didnot escape from the clutches of drugs, booze and smoke. One of Ruts friends was Priya Pathak, the ultra modern girl who turned out to be a nymphomaniac. Ruts never tried to change her but has always accepted Priya for what she was. Jaggu and Ruts fell in love at some point of time, for which Priya never gives a damn. Jaggu, Ruts, Rats(Ravi Saluja) and few others enjoyed college life as any other IIMBian did. The usual lectures, assignments, night studies, treats, terrace talks, rainy days, hot pakodas, tasteless mess food, road-side coffees, exams, rude and cool professors, campus tree shades, new buildings, city's climate all become the discussion topics in the 2 yrs.

Priya Pathak hates guys for no reason, but never stops to enjoy sexual relations with them. She ditches nearly 15- 20 guys in the college. To all this non-ending nonsense, Ruts never gave her point of view to Priya. But as far as Ruts life is concerned, there is always Priya's intrusion in Ruts decision. At the same time Ruts never stop lending shoulders to any other's problems. She was always kind and shared emotional bonding with her friends. She succeeded gaining Priya's confidence and learn about her teenage failed marriage. Yes Priya's hatred for guys started in teenage when she fell in love with a guy in her colony and marry him by eloping away. The end is a tragedy where the guy ditches Priya for the sake of family and the colony people end up in curses for Priya's parents. The incident has made Priya to test guys and handle them as puppets in her hands. She does not leave even Professor Sen for that matter. She gets into a sex scandal in the college during which Priya and Ruts friendship broke like a glass. Ruts and Jaggu also have a break up for some reason or the other.

People forget the past, bury their memories and plant a huge tree on top of it as if these memories are not going to shoot up at any time. But it is these memories which remain as good fertilizers for the huge tree. Yes exactly the same happened with all these IIMB students. Rats and Jaggu gets married to two people differently. Priya remains unmarried, but adopts a girl and live her own life as she has always did. And so did Ruts.

Somehow Ruts get courage to confront Priya and Jaggu. Meeting your ex after 20 years that too when you dont want your loving husband to know all about him is a really different feeling. Shruti manages to overcome all these emotions. In her 2 day stay in IIMB, Ruts come across so many incidents. - Jaggu ends up in a smooch with Ruts, Rats asks for a favour from Ruts to stop his divorce, Ruts and Jaggu help their classmate recover from a heart attack, Kailash gets to know of Jaggu and Ruts old affair, Priya gets clear of her misunderstanding with their old Professor, Ruts arranging Priya's marriage and Ruts coming out of her guilt feelings.

Altogether I felt that it was a good novel to pass my time during travel. And I started the habit of underlining few sentences as I read which I always wanted to do. This way I can re-read those lines in future. The novel neither bored me nor did it get slowed down at any point of time. Thanks to Sangeeta Mall for making my trip memorable for days to come.