Monday, November 16, 2009

What special on a Weekend???

Weekends are always seen forward most excitingly right from the start of the week. But what so special on these days? For some it could be the days where you need not face your manager and your colleagues. For a few people it will be a single day rest after a 6 day tiring job. They wish to be within the four walls in their couch(of course with the remote in hand). Guys take it a chance to meet their friends, have a drink, watch a movie and chat endlessly. Not to forget about the girls who spend so much time to groom themselves so that they look pretty decent the whole week ahead. But Girls also do roam and have fun together with their friends. And I see a few batsmen and bowlers near my home who forget hunger, books, parents, rain, sunlight and dust. They do make a nice pasttime to viewers like me on a weekend. A few other sincere studs could be giving their exams, attending extra special tuitions and thriving hard to fulfil their parents' as well as their dreams. For a few unlucky guys, weekends could be another working day like the 24X7 available medical practitioners, weekend support group and business people. Some lucky fellows wish to roam in the city on a weekend agenda like shopping, purchasing gifts, trying out a new restaurant, cooking something different, visiting a library, having a dentist appointment, surfing in the net, reading a book, enjoying a rain, having a long drive, talking endlessly to friends/relatives over the phone, swimming, dancing etc etc. Be it anything you do, saturdays and sundays are always entertaining provided you spend it as you like. It may sometimes turn out to be a boring one but the decision is always yours to make every weekend a cherished one or leave it just like another day in this precious life of ours.

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  1. True! The decision is always ours to enjoy the weekend. Nice one... :)