Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Almost Single' ---- Book Review

Inspite of disturbing so many people in the train by switching on the lights till late night, I found time to finish my 3rd novel of the month --- "Almost Single" by "Advaita Kala". The Novel's title is one of the most discussed topics these days in magazines. The story is from a women's point of view and I like such stories basically. The reason may be because I am a woman plus I feel so close to the characters in the novel when a lady author narrates a novel. With this mind I bought the book from Landmark. Did Advaita Kala steal my heart? To be true, she has done 75% justice to the novel, but she did not sweep me off my feet.

There is no serious and thrilling plot in the story. Its about 3 friends - Aisha, Misha and Anushka who fell as victims of being Single in a society where girls are looked down if they are not married before 25. Precisely the age has come up from 21 to 23 and now to 25 these days. Thanks to few literates in the society for that. All three girls are working in Delhi. The Protagonist - Aisha works as a Public Relation Manager in a 5 - star Hotel who had a recent break up with her boy friend. Anushka is a married woman but she files for a divorce with her husband Anuj, who is a good friend to Aisha too. Misha also had many break ups earlier in life. To get rid of their Single status tag, Misha and Aisha desperately wants to get married to a rich person preferably an NRI(too much expectations for the girls) and uploads their profile in the web community. And Anushka wants to forget her hubby. I envy their friendship because all three gives shoulders to each other at any odd time of the day. Misha is Aisha's early morning advisor and Anushka for the late night advises. Aisha as usual like any other hotelian has a terrible boss. Aisha with her friend's support tries her best to keep her life lively and occupied. I again envy them for their coffee gossips in Barista (Because I am a strict no-no to Caffeine and dont get moments like that) during which their talks keep rounding only about guys and how to get married.

Aisha gets to meet a guy in her hotel and after a few meets, the guys falls in love. Not actually proposing takes place but Aisha gets only a hint from him. Aisha even carry her astrologer number in her speed dial to get to know about her lucky marriage stars. Her mom constantly give tips to her about choosing her attire to impress guys. Her aunt always comes with a list of guys marriage profiles. Aisha is too worried that in one year she will be crossing the twenties but still single. How does she ends up removing the single status from her profile? Did she managet to find her own expectations in life? Did her parents and relatives stop pestering her for being alone? Did Misha get a guy? Did Anushka move with her life after the divorce? At the end Advaita Kala, the author answers all this but it was more like a chapter coming to end and not the novel. The story ends so abruptly which was not purely justice to the reader. Also I didnot get the complete feel and lamentations of Aisha being alone. She could not decide what she wants in life. Also may be I didnot personally get hooked to her loneliness. Just because she is not committed, she does not stop enjoying life. She realises it at the end of the novel that she has not wasted her life indeed by not marrying all this time.

Its true that a girl cannot be 'single' in her life without overcoming problems from her relatives and from the society. Will the society stop pitying and gossiping about such girls? Will the relatives and parents stop pestering their kids to get married? Will girls be stopped from betrayal from their husbands/lovers? Finally Will girls get satisfied what they get in life? Answering Positively to all this Will questions will make life indeed really beautiful.

Finally I am not totally against marriage and getting committed. I do love to be the one and only one for a guy. But it shall happen on its own and at the right time. Unless that time, I feel it should be fair on part of the society and the relatives to stop talking about other's lives. When such a thing happened for Aisha, her life really turned happy. I am myself waiting for such moments to make this beautiful life more more happier.


  1. Good job helped me know what to read next!!!

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  3. Thanks Emreen...Good to see you aruound here!